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Seriously, it’s how tabloid gossip .reporters treat celebrities who wouldn’t talk to them at a strip club, so they write catty columns about them. It goes both ways. All the while the actual words from people involved were largely benign. He has never been able to get information from or about Lebron. He takes it out in opinion pieces. It’s pretty vindictive from the reporter who can get access to everyone in his field except the most important person. His long-form pieces are often painful and he’s very obviously a brown noser for certain people (he was a huge Kobe dick rider back in the day). He is a terrible writer and he holds mad grudges and writes plenty of hack job pieces.

, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

That’s true . Adam Schefter works that way in the NFL, too. There actually was an article on Woj that he does this to the extreme. He puts out very kind tweets towards players that shared inside info with him and does the opposite for players who don’t. This is also why Woj and many other reporters that all over Hinkie and the  too. I’m sure there are examples of this about the Spurs as well. Even Marks’s Brooklyn regime and the Celtics deal with this because they aren’t leaky. Because he can’t get inside info on LeBron and he’s mad about it. Sports Illustrated’s almost made it a point of honor to get its championship predictions spectacularly wrong.I don’t see the fuss about It is cosmetic, yeah but people pay a shitload more for purely cosmetic shit to go in their build. It’s a niche market, so people outside of that niche feel the need to complain/make fun of it, even though it doesn’t affect them whatsoever. I’m with you. It’s no dumber than spending the equivalent amount of money extra on any other piece of RGB. It’s paying for aesthetics, which nearly every home pc builder does at some level.

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