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Another time, I bought a weedeater for my husband . He told exactly which one to buy, and it was on sale. So I go and find the weedeater and buy it, and take it home. When I got home and looked it over, I realized that it was a much, much nicer weedeater than the one on sale had been. I realized I had been pretty drastically undercharged. So, I called the store and told them what had happened and that I would take it back and get the one on sale. The husband comes home from work, we’re talking about the weedeater, and I tell him what had occurred. He was furious with me.

, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Peace love Budweiser shirt . He said I was stupid to take the expensive weedeater back when I could have just played dumb. And then he would have a better heavy-duty weedeater. It caused a big argument between us. I tried not to, but I lost a little bit of respect for my husband over his attitude regarding that weedeater. I was raised to do the right thing. To do my best to be an honorable person. I have failed miserably many times, I know. But I like to sleep at night, and I like to have a clear conscience as much as possible. So I try to do the right thing. Simple as that. They rub, then tug. You can pay extra to go to a back room for “full service”. A large parade of women will suddenly walk out in front of you and you can select the one you want.
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