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That’s your story I don’t say it isn’t gospel 1962 Was A Long Time Ago shirt . but you’ve got to admit you’d have told it, or something like it, if you had been in Town here all the time. Not only that, but how do I know you aren’t what they call psychic—a medium—able to swing a mean ectoplasm?” But—bear with me, my friend, remembering that this to me is the gravest of questions—admit that any one capable of trading on my posthumous reputation must have been equally capable of impersonating me while I was still presumed to be alive.And you, my friend? Crane twinkled like a roguish wooden Indian. tshirtclassic “Who, me? I ain’t all converted yet. An hour ago I was wabbly, but now I see you sitting before me as large as life and twice as unnatural, I’m just on the fence. One thing I’m sure of: You ain’t noticeably demised. But that isn’t saying you’re not responsible for the performances that have been given in your name, these last few weeks.”

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I will not dispute that—I begin to be distressed to discriminate the statements of fact which have recently been made me from what would seem to have been the fictions of a lively fancy 1962 Was A Long Time Ago shirt . I have, for example, on the one hand, your word, as I understand it, that the good wife of Commissioner Enright did not, shortly prior to the sailing of the Port Royal, suffer the loss by theft of a valuable diamond necklace.Just what you hear: When the news leaked out that you’d croaked in the Bahamas,  everybody who had anything worth stealing drew a long breath and turned over to get a few winks of badly needed sleep. Right there was the wide open chance your ghost couldn’t overlook without losing face in the spirit underworld. And didn’t: no ghost ever walked that shook a livelier hoof. If it’s any satisfaction to you, its latest manifestations have converted the entire Police Department of the City of New York into a posse of wild-eyed spiritualists.

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