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I know people are seeing this Baby Deadpool and Unicorn shirt . a nice happy thing but that woman man handling the kitten up into the air does my head in. If an animal sanctuary are arranging this then the  people need to be told how to hold them properly and not to treat them like toys. Great if having them at yoga places and cafes gets them homes but not if they are manhandled/used as props!Wow! This is bad. Those kittens and cats are terrified. This is just cruel. Some animals are not meant for this.

Baby Deadpool and Unicorn shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Baby Deadpool and Unicorn Hoodie

Baby Deadpool and Unicorn Sweatshirt

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Cats are not Baby Deadpool and Unicorn shirt . Dogs, maybe, bunnies, as long as you aren’t picking them up. But those cats are not happy.Please don’t call it yoga. Yoga demands full attention, total focus. That is the entire meaning of yoga.. If you play with kittens your attention is on the kittens. Just call it playing with kittens, which is a wonderful thing to do.Sorry, but to hold a cat up in the  air, especially one that doesn‘t know you, is stressful for the cat. Don‘t enagage with animals unless you know how to treat them. You could run an observation class to observe behaviour first. Then let them discover you as a human being. For cats you are nothing more than a huge animal.Living animals are not to be treated like cuddly toys I’ve done this. It totally distracts you from yoga, but is a wonderful way for up for adoption cats and kittens to interact with people, and find their forever homes. Every kitten and big cat in the room was thrilled with the people. They are allowed to become adjusted to their new space before being with more people. You don’t chase them down, they come to you. You sign up for the  cat yoga specifically.ust that don’t call it yoga. Good to spend time with cats. Yoga is the art of giving intense attention to something. Postures are only a part of it.

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