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It might with some plausibility be objected Cat Mom Chrysanthemum Wild shirt . that the bills of mortality being collected from the reports of incompetent judges,Tshirtclassic  cannot be admitted as proper evidence of the fact; but as no extraordinary skill seems necessary for the employment, and as the bills cannot be supposed to be made up with any partial intention, this argument[83] must be admitted; and if the deaths, by fevers, shall be found to have decreased, in so great proportion, since the powder has been in general use, its reputation will be established by the most desirable evidence.But, lest the assertion should give unfavourable impressions, it is immediately retracted; and we are told that, occasion may sometimes occur of employing, advantageously,[77] a regimen, or even medicine, when judgment directs and integrity presides[76]. and again: It sometimes happens, when little or no putrid bile is contained in the stomach, bowels, &c. &c. that the powder, though given in the largest doses, will have no sensible operation of any kind whatever. In these cases half, or a whole paper should be repeated every four or six hours.

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By this frank declaration we understand that the fever-powder retains the mutability of antimony,  and is, from slight accidents, changed from a salutary medicine to a noxious substance; and hence proceeds the Inventor’s anxiety to prevent improper combinations Cat Mom Chrysanthemum Wild shirt . But the dread of dangerous consequences, or some other cause, has led him unwarily and inconsistently to depreciate his powder, and reduce it below all other antimonial preparations.Had, therefore, the Inventor discovered a method of divesting this Proteus-like mineral of all pernicious qualities, and rendering it a medicine invariably safe and efficacious, however combined with other remedies, or mixed with a variety of humours, food, and drink in the stomach, his powder would have been more proper for common use, and might have been trusted, in unskilful hands, with less danger, than other antimonial preparations.

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