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If one plastic bag could kill False alarm fuck him shirt . a beautiful turtle in the   sea, there is one person who used that bag and threw it away. Even if one person changes, even if they think it would never make a difference, never matter, it mattered to that turtle. One person can make a difference. Imagine what just of the worlds population could do.In the  early days and not even so long ago in the sixties upwards we still had paper bags for shopping and clothing shopping even had paper bags. Why can’t they bring those back that already makes a huge difference. And people should there brains if they have any to stop throwing rubbish in the water specially booties.

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Wise words from the main man who taught showed us around the planet with his breathtaking programmes False alarm fuck him shirt . So glad he gets to see the  change happening amazing response we have switched to cleaning products for our home so plastic bottles or chemical we have reusable water bottles, no straws, doing as much as we can cosmetic and water bottles atleast could be recycled. Should be made mandatory for companies to take them back from customers and recycle them as part of environmental responsibility wonder why has still not been  need to also look at something or several, possibly hundreds of trawler style which will permanently collect rubbish from the sea.But three poachers were on the  run from Rangersin Africa at night in the bush. You see what’s coming. They stumbled into a lion pride. One survived.This brought tears. Life can be cruel if you let it. She is a strong intelligent person with a lot more to give. Proud to see women doing powerful work to help animals how wonderful elephants at long long last have angels protecting them Those who kill elephants or any other beautiful animals for trophy as in ivory skins as in wild cat species or genitals as in tigers are some of the most disgusting hateful members if the  animal Kingdom on earth thank you ladies and may your protection save a great animal species.

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