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In arranging the hives in an Guinea Pig Guinicorn shirt . apiary it is necessary to take into account the method of wintering to be followed. tshirtclassic If the bees are to be wintered in the four-colony cases to be described later the hives should be kept in groups of four all the season (fig. 1), for if colonies are moved more than a foot just before packing and then moved again as they are unpacked there is a considerable amount of “drifting”—that is, bees from some colonies join other colonies during flight.Too much reliance should not be placed in buildings as windbreaks, for they often serve simply to divert the wind slightly and may even make conditions worse. A fence made of close boards usually is unsatisfactory for it causes whirls that may destroy many colonies. A heavy blanket of snow serves to reduce the effect of the wind.

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It is of the greatest importance that the apiary be located where the wind in winter is virtually eliminated Guinea Pig Guinicorn shirt . A grove of trees or an adjacent hill usually offers the best protection,or it is possible to make an artificial windbreak such as a high fence. A natural windbreak usually is better, for it is more extensive in most cases. It has been found by the authors that if a wind of 20 miles an hour blows on the winter packing cases for a few hours the temperature « 5 » of the inside of the packed hive may be greatly reduced and may even fall as low as that of an unpacked hive.To get the best results in requeening all young queens should be introduced so that they will begin laying two months before packing.  It will be found that queens wear out more rapidly in the unusually strong colonies obtained by the methods of wintering here described, but every good beekeeper realizes that it is these enormous colonies which get the greatest crops.

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