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Investigators Halloween skeleton drink beer lets get shirt .analyze literally minuscule details in abuse images to try and rescue kids. And the English subtitles were bad.  Yes, it was in one of the Italian documentaries with Amaral and it was subtitled by a native speaker… Sometimes the subs were confusing and I wasn’t sure if they talked about a freezer or fridge… And I wondered why they didn’t do forensics and how did they know he sold it. I think that’s their strategy. Confuse, omit and obfuscate things so that getting to the truth will be much harder by way of throwing multiple red herrings.

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That was  awesome wonderful job ur grandmother would have loved to hear you sing that to her even though she’s not here she will always and forever be in your heart god bless you Halloween skeleton drink beer lets get shirt . That brought tears to my eyes!! This is one of my most favourite songs in the world and has been since I was a little kid. I didn’t think anyone could sing it as good as Conway Twitty but you nailed it!!! Amazing job!! Conway Twitty was one of my favourites! You did that song justice! Something to make you smile, I’m on the tweeter now, all my tweets start out Hello Darlin? lol. Thank you so much! God has given you this special gift! He is working through you to get to us that needed to hear this at this moment.. Trust me I personally needed to hear your Beautiful song! Has touched my Heart deeply… Thank You very much & God BLESS You! Saw Conway Twitty a month before he died in concert the rose has meant a lot to me I got roses from my first daughters birth from my mom who died a few months later I put roses on my mom’s grave at her funeral I got roses from being in the court in high school prom and roses all around my wedding then roses to my daughter’s with the birth of their children my husband and daughters send me roses for birthday and mothers day and valentine’s day then roses at my dad’s funeral the rose song is beautiful thank you for singing it beautifully.

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