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Product Description

As for his costume, it was altogether shocking Heart Nurse Flyers T-Shirt . comprising simply a cotton singlet, a coat without much definite shape or colour, a pair of ragged trousers belted with an end of rope, and foot-gear that would have kindled the envy of a slapstick clown of the cinema. This person had cheekily drawn up a chair to the bedside and made himself at home in it, one of the detective’s cigars between his teeth and a highball of the detective’s precious pre-Prohibition Scotch in his hand testifying to amiable readiness to be sociable, provided his host had no real objection to advance.A semi-blinded stare was met by a smile that flashed teeth of notable whiteness in a face deeply bronzed where it didn’t boast a lush overgrowth of beard.tshirtclassic This last was sparely shot with grey, and so was hair that also wanted shearing; but the rich complexion of the miscreant was clear, his eyes were luminous with vitality, he had in every particular the look of one who had consorted long and profitably with Nature in her least sophisticated phases.

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One who in his time had done much to make life a misery to men of wicked ways, and more than once had figured as the target of an assassin’s weapon, the householder had long been accustomed to sleep with a pistol ready to his hand Heart Nurse Flyers T-Shirt . But his instinctive fumble for it drew a blank this time; so, with such composure as he could command, he turned attention to the agent of its confiscation, ome marauder had added the cool insolence of switching on the bedside lamp to the felonious injury of housebreaking.These doubters had at least one confrère of weathered judgment in New York, who gave free tongue to his conviction that the Lone Wolf was one wise bird and a tough fish to drown. And the faith of this one in the will-to-live animating the hybrid monstrosity of his figure had good justification in the outcome, when, one night more than a month after the event of the alleged suicide, a glare beating directly into his face roused him from the slumbers of an honest man to find that some marauder had added the cool insolence of switching on the bedside lamp to the felonious injury of housebreaking.

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