Hippie Guitar Hawaiian Shirt


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Hippie Guitar Hawaiian Shirt . This graphic tee reps the delicious Summer Ale brewed by Pete’s Brewing Company. The brewery’s flagship beer, Pete’s Wicked, was a brown ale but their summer brew was a lighter, lemony pale ale. Pete’s was founded by Pete Slosberg, a homebrewer, back in the 80s. Pete sold his company in the 90s and the brand was officially discontinued in 2011. At the peak of sales for Pete’s Brewing Company, they ranked #42 in sales by volume in the US.This amazing vintage t-shirt is part of one of the most iconic ad campaigns of all time. During the 20th century, 7-Up soda branded itself as the “Un-cola”: that is to say, the opposite of soft drink competitors Pepsi and Coca-Cola. It started in the 60s when 7-Up targeted the youth of the counterculture revolution. By branding themselves as an alternative drink, 7-Up was able to appeal to alternative people. The title of Un-Cola has stuck with 7-Up over the years and it continued to appear on promo materials, like this shirt from 1993.

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Hippie Guitar Hawaiian Shirt
Hippie Guitar Hawaiian Shirt

Hippie Guitar Hawaiian Shirt . This cool t-shirt features the shield logo used to represent the Marvel Comics superhero Captain America. Captain America was one of the many popular characters conceived by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby during the golden age of comics. Captain America was particularly popular during his early days thanks to his patriotic themes, and he was depicted fighting the Axis powers throughout World War II. The cover of Captain America Comics #1 even proudly showcased the hero punching Adolf Hitler in the face. Captain America, who is typically the alter ego of Steve Rogers, has continued to be a prominent character in the Marvel universe. He later became a leader of the superhero team the Avengers, and was depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Chris Evans.


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