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He was told it was me In Life And Baseball Stay Fair shirt . so he asked my employee to .They came to the back, knocked on my office door, and let me know I was being requested by someone. I yelled through the closed door that I was busy at the moment and unable to come out. This is something I never did, ever. I always made myself available. He didn’t seem to notice me behind them. He threw the sticks down that he was carrying and came up to my sister and tried to talk to her. It even looked like he tried to put a hand on her shoulder. A lot of people would’ve thought that this was an innocent interaction between a sweet elderly man and a little girl, but alarm bells went off in my head.

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I immediately jumped to; I’d been deeply traumatized a few days earlier by the missing persons signs in Walmart, and was scared that the man was trying to kidnap my little sister In Life And Baseball Stay Fair shirt . I ran up to the two of them and put myself between the man and my sister, saying it was nice to see him but we had to go. We quickly ran to the park. My sister was shaken up and crying a little because she didn’t understand what was going on. I was in an abusive relationship for years with my ex. She forced me to stay in it because he had money, and she had plans for herself and my family to live off his wealth. When I finally got the courage to walk away from my ex, she was furious and told me no one else would want me, as I had nothing good to offer anyone. Then I met the wonderful man who is now my husband and started my life with him.

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