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But more I am overcome by Its Spring Beautiful Flowers shirt .the appreciation which this drives home of the dashing figure I cut of old in the popular eye. Prior to this, I have always imagined that the public took the gentleman cracksman with a grain of salt—holding his attitudinizing in romantic evening dress properly peculiar to his appearances on the stage and the cinema screen. And you, my dear Crane! a man of your wide acquaintance with the ways of crooks taking this blatant bit of imposition seriously.The hand that wasn’t busy with the dial held an electric torch whose beam, tshirtclassic of course, had been too weak to register in the intense glare of the flashlight explosion. On the rug between his knee and the wall lay an open leather case stocked with what appeared to be a compact kit of burglar’s tools. “Well!” Crane urged, not without a shade of professional malice, when Lanyard’s silent contemplation of the photograph threatened to know no end: “how about it?”

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The man whom the flashlight had surprised was kneeling with one ear to a safe built in flush with a wall, his face turned squarely to the camera as he eavesdropped upon the hidden tumblers clicking and thumping in response to manipulation of the combination-dial by his slender, clever fingers Its Spring Beautiful Flowers shirt . The latter were neatly gloved in white kid, for the man wore formal evening clothes beneath an inverness cloak of good theatrical effect.Crane grunted testily, drew a rusty leather wallet from under his pillow,  and from the papers with which it was stout sorted out an unmounted photographic print of post-card size. “Gaze on that,” he recommended in grim humour, “and see if maybe it don’t put a kick in the poor dear memory.” Lanyard hitched his chair nearer the light and with eyes bent over the print. But his first glance caused his heart to fail him: idle to challenge the fidelity of that likeness, as well deny the lineaments that looked out from one’s shaving mirror every morning .

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