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The buffeting air grew cooler Journey Cassette Album Covers shirt .and yet more cold; but neither the man nor the woman minded. His love warm in his arms, Lanyard was trying to live for the moment only, to be oblivious of yesterday and reckless of tomorrow. He failed, of course: impossible for one who loved so well to be deaf to the murmurings of his heart against that resolution which, shaped by his soberest judgment, firmed by his will, bade him put love away tonight forevermore, lest harm befall her in whom love had its source and whole existence.The afterglow, pulsing through a hundred changes, faded, fainted, and contracted, tshirtclassic till a long, clear pool of emeraude alone defined the foot of the sky, the profile of those hills within whose pleats night hung already close and breathless. Through its dark, across gulfs unguessable, lost lights winked, beaconing unknown heights.

Journey Cassette Album Covers shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Journey Cassette Album Covers  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Journey Cassette Album Covers  Hoodie
Journey Cassette Album Covers  Sweatshirt
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Pagan hadn’t been far wrong Journey Cassette Album Covers shirt . Impertinent clown! Not far wrong, at that . . .  Anything but easy to forget the cunning one once had gloried in, to remain forever deaf and dumb to the insidious prompting of instincts which, as long as the sun shone, seemed to have been utterly stamped out and exterminated, but which, when clouds massed and the wind bared its teeth, had an accursed habit of proving they had been but rebelliously quiescent . . .Strange that one should never have remarked this effect ere now . . . Stranger still how blindly man was wont to move through the world, benighted to its wonders, only in rare moments cheating the bandages with which individualism sealed his eyes and catching glimpses fugitive and ravishing of beauty adorning the most hackneyed ways . . . As now when, lifting dazzled eyes, Lanyard beheld himself a lonely way-farer in a lane of jewels set in jet and gold

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