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As has been pointed out Mufon Mutual UFO Network shirt . the entrances of hives must be greatly reduced during the winter in order that the efficacy of the bottom packing may be preserved.tshirtclassic It is desirable, however, that provision be made for larger entrances during the early fall and again in the spring. To provide conditions suitable at all times while the packing cases are on, the Bureau of Entomology has adopted a type of entrance which to some extent has been used previously in the North.The chief dancer, of course, is from moisture which condenses, and in an adequately packed hive there is no condensation. The temperature never goes low enough for water vapor to condense. Therefore it is obvious that upward ventilation for the escape of moisture is never needed in hives that are packed as they should be. Any beekeeper who has had trouble in the past with condensed moisture in the hives, or with wet « 13 » packing over the porous tops, may be sure that he has not provided enough packing material.

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A common practice has been to remove the hive cover when the bees are packed for winter and to cover the frames with burlap or some such porous material,the object being to allow the escape of any moisture which may be generated within the hive during the winter Mufon Mutual UFO Network shirt . Moisture is being generated constantly as the bees consume the honey stores, but if the bees are adequately packed the amount of moisture will be reduced to the minimum.It is often stated that bees die of starvation in the hives when there is abundant honey not many inches away from the cluster. This, of course, never happens in colonies that are well packed. In colonies that are adequately protected there is no better plan than simply to leave the regular wooden cover in place and sealed down by the bees. Quilts directly over the frames are a nuisance at any time, and during the winter they are of no value for upward ventilation in well packed colonies and should be used only as a poor makeshift for good packing.

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