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I had a concussion back in April Stink shirt . I’m still feeling the effects of it months later moving into November. People with similar post-concussion symptoms say it can last years for the to feel “normal” again, and even then, it never really feels the way it did before the concussion. Severe memory issues, depression, and just an overall sense of brain fog at all times.After the Dodger series, Harold Reynolds on MLB Network had a fantastic segment on Howie Kendrick and how baseball is a game of redemption. It gives you the opportunity to go from the lowest of to the highest of highs with a single swing of the bat. I know it’s a meme around these parts, but in all honesty, how can you not be romantic about baseball?I just don’t rate that much speculation on potential. I think people way overrate and are biased towards youth and no one ever seems to consider that maybe these players we think could potentially become superstars might simply not do that. Such as about half the kids that get pegged as potential superstars and don’t become one. Also, as an aside, I think Monreal at least belongs in the group of top left backs in the league. Also, what I saw of Amavi was excellent, although I’ve not watched as much Villa. Similar to Pieters.

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Actually all but Kante, who no doubt will go to Stink shirt . Perhaps also Vardy, but I think he is a special case of a player so I am not so sure. I like American football – not the degree I like football. And have always kinda liked Green Bay Packers. For no real reason. This season though, because of the tedious link with Leicester City, I am routing for the Panthers. “Proper” American football fans probably hate me doing this, but that’s their problem. There are degrees of support, and those who have no vested interest can easily shift loyalties. Some of those who have invested everything into their team find it hard to accept that those ways down the ladder don’t feel the way they do. I think Fuchs is the only one that could be in too much debate but really, the guy is immense Baines or Azpilicueta maybe?“”, be a dóttir!“ Here we are again! The 2018 Crossfit Open is here and I’m excited to get after 18.1 tonight with The Norm! Approximately 500,000 people worldwide are registered to test their fitness over the next 5 weeks. Norm will establish his baseline this yearin his first Open and I’ll see what has or hasn’t changed for me since last year. Can’t wait to wear the shirt Norm made for me in honor of this year’s Open and meeting my favorite dóttir last year!

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