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All of us in the t-shirt This Week I Dont Give A Ship shirt . Business would want to create a t-shirt idea that would go viral, right? Not only will it be good for our bank accounts, it’s so darn good for marketing our business, too. But trying to achieve the level of viral is a hit or miss thing. During the conceptualization of your t-shirt design, you could be so confident that it would be the talk of the town because you’ve researched enough or you just know the taste of your market by heart. However, there are lots of instances that your market would just ignore the t-shirt you expected to go viral. You really can’t tell for sure that something would sell like crazy until you’re already selling like crazy.

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That’s what’s so hard about aiming to get viral with design: you really can’t tell for sure. There are also many t-shirt brands that resort to vulgar artwork just to get attention. While most of them succeed at it, having that strategy is not sustainable in the long haul. Anything that gets instant attention fades out really fast. That just shows that we should not aim for a few good shirts to get celebrity-level attention but for all our shirts to become marketable. Another difference between aiming for viral and aiming for something marketable is that if you’re aiming for your t-shirt designs to go viral, you want to impress a large audience while if you’re aiming to make shirts that are marketable, you are trying to make your t-shirt design well-loved by a certain group of people (your niche). The latter is always better. That’s because impressing a certain group of people would likely create loyal fans that will look forward to your next t-shirts. There’s a saying, “A friend to all is a friend to none.” Turns out that that quote does not only apply to friendship, it applies to a lot of things including the t-shirt design. Enough already with my rambling and let’s get to the point.
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