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TL 16 Football Shirt .The best one I came up with so far was in a Starfinder game wherein the players were checking out a night club run by acalled the Downside Kings. They were there to question the Kings’ leader, who wasn’t terribly pleased to have them visiting. So, she pulled some strings with a corporate benefactor, and by the time the PCs got there she was prepared. This was from a pre-published adventure, and in the real version of it there’s three thugs in the club and two outside; I thought that was a little weak, so… I spruced it up into a multi-stage nightmare encounter.

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Classic Men’s
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TL 16 Football Shirt .If you ever have theof having to listen to one of those insipid “light rock” radio stations, you hear an endless stream of songs that sound laughably dated in their production style (not to mention those tired and crappy songs). But when I start to hear similar production on new music from artists who are supposedly on the cutting edge, then I can help but wonder what the hell is going on. Because I must admit, I can’t quite figure out where the intention lies with a lot of new indie music I hear. Are these styles being reproduced out of homage to some of the music with which these artists have grown up? Or is this some sort of hipster ironic take on what’s cheesy? Put clearly, they must be doing something right. These artists are garnering more airplay than I currently am getting, and acquiring lots of new fans in the process. And what does that say about us (collectively) as an audience? Do we naturally gravitate toward something that sounds familiar, even if it’s crap? Or are we just being lazy…not wanting to be challenged by anything that’s really new? Frankly, I don’t think that’s the case, because I have to believe that real music lovers aren’t nearly that lazy. But that still doesn’t explain why some of the more regrettable elements of 80’s music are making their way back into new indie rock.


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