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But her words seemed to have no Weed 420247365 shirt .effect on this man He walked towards her. But his aura was like a threat. Each step of his gave her goosebumps. It was as if death was approaching  her. “Name yourself”, he told her. His eyes captivated hers. She back stepped. She was so scared that she stumbled and fell to his knees.You’re mistaking me for someone else.  I am a human that is for sure. But who is this Avyu? I don’t know what’s all this. I don’t even know this place. Believe me, I was in pajamas but my dress changed to this. I don’t know how and who did it. Something is amiss. Believe me,” she mumbled nervously.

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Just as she was pondering over her thoughts, the strong voice said again, “Kneel! The one before you is much above you Weed 420247365 shirt . Do you not have any respect?” She looked at the direction of the voice and saw the murderous glint in his eyes. The second that she met his eyes, he stared back. There was a dangerous aura emitting from him. His appearance was very casual. Yet he carried himself like the king. Just who was this scary man?And then her eyes looked at the source of the voice.A slight shiver ran down her spine as she looked at the emerald green eyes. She had never seen such a cold face. His whole body had an aura of fear around it. His dark hair somehow defined his darkness much more. His strong body looked like they could crush the enemy with a slight effort. But even in his coldness he looked beautiful.A man had been sick a considerable time,  and many of the wakan-men had attempted, to the extent of their ability, to exorcise him, but without any favorable results. Red-Bird had in his service many of the gods called Taku-skan-skan. It was decided in council[57] that the case should be referred to them. Accordingly, in the evening, a feast was prepared for the gods, to which they were called by chants, on the part of the medicine-men. A tent of parchment was prepared for them.

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