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“My dear Mr Wide Dog shirt . Duchemin!” he uncomfortably protested. “When you consider that one has seen a good deal of you in the last few days, talked with you, dined with you, played cards with you for hours at a time, and found you always a man of entirely collected mind, no different from the man one is conversin’ with at this moment, perhaps you’ll agree there’s some excuse for one’s bogglin’ at a pretty tall tale on the face of it.”And now, if you don’t mind ownin’ up,” he said with a clearer note of sarcasm: “What the devil are you drivin’ at? Am I the ship’s surgeon! tshirtclassic Tryin’ to make out a triflin’ crack on the head has knocked you silly? Because it’s no go, if you are: I may be the demon Bridge player of this vessel, but I’m a good enough medico besides to know that, barrin’ a beautiful bump, you’re as right as rain.

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Disguising instinctive resentment, Lanyard smiled amiably up at a new face that proved a good match for the voice,the sanguine face of a young man, cleanly razored, set with hard blue eyes and an arrogant, thin nose Wide Dog shirt . “Monsieur . . .” he managed to say, rousing on an elbow; but the movement caused agony to stab through his temples again and he dropped back to his pillow, groaning. “Bad as all that, eh?” the other commented in a tone that somehow implied he wasn’t being taken in. “Well! needn’t punish yourself to prove it to me: I’m not fussy about fine points of etiquette, I don’t insist on everybody risin’ when I come into the room.But the affair as a whole was past puzzling out by a head whose buzzing mocked every attempt at ordered thought;and with a sigh Lanyard gave it up for the time being, and shut his eyes to screen out refracted sun-glare wavering like a prismatic cobweb on the white paint overhead . . . Consciousness was on the point of lapsing when the door-latch rattled and the inimitable cadences of a British public school voice hailed him with an affectation of friendliness whose falsity was more elusive, and yet somehow less successful, than it commonly is in the bedside geniality of the general practitioner.

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