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One day, using his cane Women Do Not Have To Be Thin shirt . he stepped onto the curb and fell over into the street. The cane was exchanged for a walker. As his body weakened, the back and forth to the bathroom became too exhausting, so Morrie began to urinate into a large beaker. Hehad to support himself as he did this, meaning someone had to hold the beaker while Morrie filled it.Instead, he hobbled into the classroom,his home for more than thirty years. Because of the cane, he took a while to reach the chair. Finally, he sat down, dropped his glasses off his nose, and looked out at the young faces who stared back in silence.

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But my old professor had made a profound decision,one he began to construct the day he came out of the doctor’s office with a sword hanging over his head Women Do Not Have To Be Thin shirt . Do I wither up and disappear, or do I make the best of my time left? he had asked himself.In the fall of 1994, Morrie came to the hilly Brandeis campus to teach his final college course. He could have skipped this, of course.The university would have understood. Why suffer in front of so many people? Stay at home. Get your affairs in order. But the idea of quitting did not occur to Morrie.He went for his regular swim at the YMCA, but found he could no longer undress himself. So he hired his first home care worker a theology student named Tony who helped him in and out of the pool, and in and out of his bathing suit. In the locker room, the other swimmers pretended not to stare. They stared anyhow. That was the end of his privacy.He began to see doctors. Lots of them.They tested his blood. They tested his urine. They put a scope up his rear end and looked inside his intestines. Finally, when nothing could be found, one doctor ordered a muscle biopsy, taking a small piece out of Morrie’s calf. The lab report came back suggesting a neurological problem, and Morrie was brought in for yet another series of tests

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