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Zitti E Buoni Logo From Maneskin shirt .It takes the thinking time off of the equation. Warren Buffet has a closet of almost same style shirt, pants, ties and suits. I remember he says the same, to save his time of choosing what to wear. I remember read the same thought from Charles Handy. Though his collection may appear to be dull.But here’s a worthy reason for getting dressed such way.It’s like,he feels that getting dressed in the same manner helps him devote his energy more beneficially on more important matters rather than wasting it on silly stuffs. Because he is a billionaire who does not have to impress anybody with what he wears. Steve Jobs did not impress anyone with what he wore. Only people that are not so rich tend to wear different clothes everyday so they could be noticed. Mark could enter any where any day just the way he dresses, but millions of people who are not known will not be able to enter some of the five stars hotel dressing in t-shirts. Here in South Africa there are some night club you cannot enter wearing t-shirts. That is the joy of been a billionaire, you can by pass any protocol.

Zitti E Buoni Logo From Maneskin shirt, Hoodie , Sweatshirt , Longsleeve , Ladies T-shirt , 3D T-shirt , Polo Shirt , Hawaiian Shirt , Blanket , Bedding Sets

Classic Men’s
Classic Men’s
Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Longsleeve Tee
Longsleeve Tee

Zitti E Buoni Logo From Maneskin shirt .I find it hard to wear the same clothes two days in a row. It has become a trend these days to wear the same shirt for the event / meet everytime in order to have a sort of branding for their product. Like Steve Jobs, who always used to wear the black T shirt in all apple conferences. This is a powerful strategy & one of the roots behind branding of any product. One less thing to think about before going to work. And one less talking point for staff at work. “Why is Paul wearing a tshirt with a purple unicorn on it?” It shows that he don’t have to take decision for such small thing everyday as he has to decide many things daily.


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